OAuth2 and Phalcon PHP post

11/22/2014 with tags : oauth, php, phalcon

In one of my projects I decided to implement OAuth authorization. Project is using Phalcon PHP framework. I needed a simple to integrate OAuth library, preferebly without any extra dependecies.

After checking offical OAuth page I decided to test two libraries

  • http://oauth2.thephpleague.com/

    At that time library was available in version 3.2.4.

    Unfortunately after some time it has been updated and has introduced some extra dependencies as well as some extra model interfaces. Basically speaking it has almost nothing in common with previous version and it's way harder to integrate with already existing code.

    But still version 3.2.4 in my opition is good candidate for quick integration.

  • http://bshaffer.github.io/oauth2-server-php-docs/

    First of all - this library has great documentation. It has to external dependencies. Its super easy to intergrate with already existing code.

    It even has a ready to use server component.

[TODO] example